One Honest Mother… The Start

This is my honest take on motherhood. No BS. No sugar-coating.

Too often the advice and information we share among mothers isn’t quite the truth… it’s a half truth… part of the truth… or even just a nicer version of the truth. Well I for one am sick of that. So this is my website and on here I AM GOING TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST about the good, the bad, and the down right ugly aspects of motherhood.

If you can’t handle brutal honesty… this site is probably not for you. AND THAT’S OK TOO.

I make no promises on language or graphic detail – because if I censored content, well then I wouldn’t be telling the truth.

*Please note that I have no idea what I am doing regarding websites or blogs… I am learning as I go… so if you see errors… smile and mind your own business. Eeventually I will figure this thing out for myself, ok?